Membership can be purchased in combination with your Ridderweek registration.

Membership price: 350 NOK

Membership price: 500 NOK

Non-member price: 900 NOK

You can choose between different accomadation packages. Please visit our “Housing” page for more information. There is a link at the bottom of this page.


Membership price  19 to 35 years old: 5 200 NOK

Membership price 36 years and older: 6 700 NOK

Non-member price: 9 980 NOK

RidderBasic (6 people):

Membership price : 9 100 NOK

Non-member price: 11 950 NOK

RidderBasic (4 people):

Membership price:  6 500 NOK

Non-member price: 8 600  NOK

Bus to Beitostølen: 350 NOK

Bus from Beitostølen: 350 NOK

«Members of the Association Ridderrennet get great discounts on transport and housing packages at Ridderweek.»


What do you get for Ridderweek Pass (registration Ridderweek) and membership?

All activities during the week are covered by the registration fee. New this year is that you can take part in an activity group with good professional instruction on the various activities. The instructors come from the Norwegian Ski Association, the Norwegian Biathlon Association and the Norwegian Board Association, and are a project supported by the Dam Foundation. It will also be a mountain hike day with the Norwegian Tourist Association in addition to a toboggan night with Lions.

The social program is also included with the exception of the concert (this is to have an overview of the number in terms of entrance control).

The price also includes treatment by chiropractors where we work with the Norwegian Chiropractor Association, who will provide help during the week.

Through our collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sport sciences, you get safe and adapted guide service from students in sports. They help you throughout the week and are your regular guide in all activities. Our partner Beitostølen Helsesportssenter will assist you with adapting activity aids and advice and guidance in this regard.

As a member of the Association Ridderrennet, you get a good discounts on transport and housing packages on Ridderweek. The discounts are grants the Associations Ridderrennet gives to you as a member.