Mountain priest

The mountain priest

mountain priest Eli Vatn will be available for conversation during Ridderweek.

You can set up an appointment by calling or texting +47 991 29 976.


Light chapel at Beitostølen

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is held by the mountain priest on Thursdays at 17:30, and during Ridderweek the Hour is catered to Ridderweeks participants. The Golden Hour is a 25-minute long quiet time with a few words and hymns for reflection and thought. Afterward, some calm music will be played over the chapel’s PA system for about 20 minutes.

The Light Chapel at Betiostølen

Anna and Erling Stordal wanted an open, quiet place associated with the Health Sports Center at Beitostølen. The Light Chapel became the solution. Here, all visitors would feel welcomed.

The Light chapel was approved for weddings in 2010. The glass painting is created by Ferdinan Finne, from Kirsten Rostbølls creative input. The chapel was planned by Herbert Mollenhauer who together with Kjell Arne Båtevik erected the chapel. Sigmund and Kjell Arne Årseth together with Kirsten Rostbøll did the chapel’s interior decorations and painting.

The Light Chapel is still an open, beautiful quiet place for the people staying at BHSS or other people who need a moment of peace and quiet.

Light chapel interior